Uncategorized Move or remodel? What to consider before making the decision. At one point or another, many homeowners decide that they need a change. Whether it is due to a growing family or a shift in their day-to-day lives, some people simply want to update the layout of their current place or find an entirely different property to call home. Whatever the case, a decision must […]
Uncategorized Moving to San Diego? Here’s How to Settle in and Make Yourself at Home Moving to San Diego? Here’s How to Settle in and Make Yourself at Home Moving can be one of life’s most stressful events. So once you get moved and unpacked into your new home, you deserve some time to rest and unwind. Before you can start relaxing completely, however, there are a few tasks you […]
Uncategorized Steps to Help You Upsize Your Home and Homestead in Retirement When you have big plans for your retirement, a smaller home may not do. Particularly if you have plans to get into homesteading hobbies that can provide fun, learning, and a sense of independence. You may also want a larger home to accommodate your children and grandkids.  Whatever your reasons may be for upsizing, you […]
Uncategorized Rebuilding Your Life After the Loss of a Loved One Rebuilding Your Life After The Loss Of A Loved One By Lucille Rosetti of thebereaved.org After the loss of a close family member or friend, you may be struggling with the concept of starting over. As someone who has lost a close family member, I know how difficult this process can be. From my experience, a […]
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