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Steps to Help You Upsize Your Home and Homestead in Retirement

When you have big plans for your retirement, a smaller home may not do. Particularly if you have plans to get into homesteading hobbies that can provide fun, learning, and a sense of independence. You may also want a larger home to accommodate your children and grandkids. 

Whatever your reasons may be for upsizing, you can put these tips to work and find the home of your dreams with Sandra Loefgren.  

Start With a Little Research 

Buying a new home is a big decision, and you’ll want to do your homework before taking any sort of action. You can look into local home prices and market information to get a better idea of how much a larger home will cost. This is also a good idea if you plan on selling your old home. 

Local realtors may also have more information on local market trends on their websites. For instance, when you click on the “Market Trends” section of Sandra’s website, you can find updated insights into various areas around town, including Chula Vista and many more. 

Also do research to find hobbies that will fit your interests and skills. This will also help you figure out what sort of features to look for in your new home. Many new homesteaders start with preserving foods from their garden, as just one example. You’ll need space outside to grow your own garden, and you’ll also need a spacious kitchen to work on canning and preserving. 

Think About Your Retirement Plans 

When it comes to the golden years of life, everyone’s dreams tend to look a little different. Your dream may include spending plenty of time with the grandkids, and this means you may need to look for a home where you can set up a sweet little playroom for them. If your grandkids are younger, you may also need to think about ways to make your new home safe for children

You may also plan on hosting your entire family for holiday get-togethers and dinners. If so, you’ll want a new home that has plenty of room in the kitchen and a large dining room as well. With enough space, you can get creative whenever your loved ones do come to town. 

If you have never lived on a homestead or farm before, you should also give some serious thought to whether you will have the time, money, or capacity to live this sort of lifestyle. You may be eager to raise chickens, goats, and cows, but know that doing so requires a lot more land and time than you may think. You may also need to live far away from town to farm. 

Connect With a Realtor You Can Trust 

Looking over this guide, you can see there’s a lot to consider when upsizing your home. You can figure it all out on your own with some research and determination. Or you can save yourself some stress and worry by hiring the right real estate agent from the start. A realtor who stays in touch and offers honest advice can be a real lifesaver! 

Some other perks of working with a real estate pro include the following: 

  • Expert advice and guidance when selling your old home. 
  • A legal requirement to put your interests above all others. 
  • Knowledge of common issues that come up on inspections. 
  • Negotiation skills that will get you the best deal with less stress. 

You see, you can simply share your homesteading and retirement plans with your realtor, and she will take things from there. Your agent can come back with a list of local homes that fit your needs and can arrange each step of the shopping and buying process that comes next. 

Your home should fit you and all of your dreams. If you plan on homesteading, think about buying a larger home and think of all of the ways you will fit it with warm memories and love. When you’re ready to sell your old home or buy a new one, give Sandra Loefgran a call at (619) 850-8328.

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